Twins dating same guy

20-Apr-2020 10:00

Lucy and Anna believe they are the “world’s most identical twins,” if that’s even possible.It’s obvious the twins enjoy being completely, exactly, absolutely the same, and if they ever got the chance to fuse bodies and become one individual, I bet they would.

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From living together, to the job they share - working with the elderly - the twins are never more than a few metres away from each other at all times.

In order to remain looking exactly alike, the women have spent almost 0,000 on cosmetic surgeries over the last decade, reports. Pregnancy might not be on the to do list yet but they’ve already got a plan on how to handle it when it does come up.

"We would have to be exactly the same—even if we went through IVF at the same time," they told the publication. That’s how we want to live and we are not hurting anybody," they said.

Ben understands we want to be together all the time," one of them (we nor the show are sure who) said.

The unidentified twin added, "He understands the twin thing and the very close bond we have with each other." Apparently, "too close for comfort" is a nonexistent phrase in their world.

The 28-year-olds from Perth in Western Australia, who were born just one minute apart, were invited to fly over and participate in the show which saw them playing tricks on the public and competing against a Japanese set of twins who simply couldn't compare to their extreme measures. And they didn't sleep in the same bedroom,' the De Cinque twins told Channel Seven of their competitors.