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Accessing this Site Access to this Site, which may be suspended temporarily or permanently, without notice, is permitted on a temporary basis, and we reserve the right to withdraw or amend the service provided on this Site, without notice.While we endeavour to make this Site available 24 hours a day, we shall not be liable if, for any reason, this Site is unavailable at any time or for any period.Scottish playwright Mc Lean is a master of subtext, as seen in her unforgettable Bay Area debut "Any Given Day," also directed by Tracy last year at the Magic Theatre.As in that play, she excels in an easy realism that offers up full-bodied portraits of people so familiar we might take them for granted, then proceeds to expose unexpected layers of comedy and dark tragedy beneath their surfaces.For example, a link on the Ashford University Site takes a viewer to an online bookstore that is owned and operated by Ed Map, not Ashford University.Other examples of third party websites accessible to the general public or enrolled students through the Ashford University Site include but are not limited to: the Official Online Store; Ashford University’s pages on social networking and media sites such as,, and; the National Student Clearinghouse website for ordering transcripts; Sallie or the websites of other companies that provide financial aid services; career services websites; the Writing Reviser, Turnitin and Ref Works websites; and the numerous library databases Ashford University makes available to students.Are you a creepy and powerful crime lord who makes everyone shrink away and obey him with his mere presence, or are you an outgoing person that just seems to lighten the mood wherever you go? Another thing you need to know about is player concentration.This simply refers to the areas of a map which are hot zones for players. As an example, Crane Town's faction build is very highly twisted toward the CDF.

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There's something not quite right about May, the protagonist of Linda Mc Lean's curiously compelling "Strangers, Babies." May's urge to help the "baby" bird that crashed into the window of her apartment is normal enough, but the anxiety that subtly infuses Danielle Levin's performance adds an uneasy subtext to the first scene in the Shotgun Players production that opened Friday. "Strangers," a patchwork portrait of a woman in five discrete scenes, is an unsettling mystery gradually revealed.