Dg834g not updating dyndns

27-Jul-2020 01:57

dg834g not updating dyndns-27

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I think my 7800N was starting to have some sync issues so hard to compare.

Firstly the SNR tweaking page doesn't work as expected (or I can't work it out!

dg834g not updating dyndns-14

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I recently cut a build from trunk (labelled as KAMIKAZE (bleeding edge, r25133)) and now my ddns-scripts don't seem to be working.

It was particularly bad when adding virtual servers (also when setting up wireless and mail alert to name a few) – I couldn't get any to add until I rebooted, but then only got one added.

But the page in the 7800NXL seems to indicate you can just type in 6 for a target SNR of 6.

What is NAT Loopback and why is it needed to host a public Opensimulator Region?

Currently (as at August 2010), a hosted region on a home connection with a broadband router needs, what is known as NAT Loopback functionality.Many DSL routers/modems prevent loopback connections as a security feature.This means that a machine on your local network (e.g.It turns out that there was an error in my cfg file. Alright, I managed to get it started by looking at the hotplug.d script.