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The success and the co-founders' insight into the potential of this market attracted the attention of a variety of local and international investors in the following months.

This led to the startup changing its marketing strategy in early 2015, choosing to exclusively target Saudi Arabia, where the majority of their users were based.

The website is soon introducing a feature titled "For the Family of the Singles," which will allow the family of the user to submit information about them so that the matching process can factor in their approval as well.

Just plug in a name or email address, and you'll find out if someone who signed up for the service.

But now anyone can check if his or her spouse was cheating -- just by filling out a form.

Someone has even created a custom Google Map that displays some of Ashley users' addresses registered with the website. Some people were idiotic enough to sign up using company and government work email addresses, making them especially easy to positively identify.

The girl of his dreams could be right there, but he had no way of finding out.

The lady who had everything he was looking for in a woman, could be sitting next to him on the ski lift, and he would not be able to tell just from looks.

The fact that Iqbal had been sneaking around seemed to come second.At the time, the young entrepreneur was working in California in a Data Mining company.Two years ago he moved back to Lebanon to be close to his family and decided to venture with Hayati.The idea of the Hayati App started growing in his mind.

An App in which you would select the criteria you are looking for in a person, be matched with your fit and have time to find out more if you wanted to.

Her mother asked, “Why would you post pictures up of you and him, especially kissing and knowing that the family will find out and see?