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22-May-2020 07:45

According to , but the 28-year-old made his Instagram private after speculation of their relationship started swirling in the media. That makes it even more suspicious, if you ask us!! He supposedly attended private school in Manhattan before going to undergrad at MIT and Harvard for his Masters and Ph D. When Amazing Amy personally emailed Halls to congratulate his husband Matt Bomer's performance after watching The Normal Heart, Halls replied, "I'm proud of Matt and Ryan but I'm REALLY proud of Bryan Lourd! and NOBODY told her her soon to be husband was gay? My boss told me years before and not in some bitchy queen way either, just matter of fact, the guy was "family" and quite attractive.Because I KNEW HE WAS GAY and I was just a pimple on the toe of show business. So if I (and I assume a few hundred other people) knew, then how could she not?Andy Cohen and his new man are keeping their rumored romance a secret – and that includes hiding it from family!Clifton Dassuncao‘s father exclusively revealed to Radar how he has been kept in the dark about the relationship and how he feels about the odd paring.

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I am always shocked by non-lesbian women who deliberately choose to enter bearding marriage. I think not if he is openly criticizing her and blaming her illness for his sexual orientation.[quote]Was he ever married to Carrie or did they just co-habitate? I know Lourd identifies as gay now but, with the whole wife and kid thing, wouldn't the most likely deduction be that he's a bisexual who prefers men.

“He didn’t tell me nothing,” Heler Dassuncao said of his son’s possible relationship with Cohen.

Although Heler has never heard of Cohen, 47, he revealed whether or not he would approve of his son dating someone in the public eye.

The Bravo executive, 48, met the 28-year-old, who is a fellow in Environmental Science and Engineering at Harvard University, back in March 2015 during the opening night of his AC2 Tour with pal Anderson Cooper in Boston.

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Cohen - who has written and released three autobiographical diaries in the past four years detailing everything from his late-night Face Time sessions with Cooper to the threesome he had with a husband and wife (whom he also met in Boston) - has kept remarkably quiet about his relationship with Dassuncao, who is 20 years his junior.

“It’s something that I’m thinking about,” he shares.