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(Atlantic); the record is Death Cab's first since 2011 -- which also makes it the first since the 38-year-old singer-guitarist finalized his divorce from actress Zooey Deschanel in 2012.Gibbard's three-year marriage to the star, 35, made him an unlikely celebrity, that rare musician who turns up on both Pitchfork and TMZ.To a generation of geeky-cool indie kids like Seth, Gibbard was a sympathetic voice, a fellow nerd who wrote earnestly about love and heartbreak.Especially heartbreak.), but admits it's "fairly obvious." And Deschanel isn't the only A-lister who might think the album hits too close to home.Ben has taken up running long distances and recently completed the El Lay Marathon in less than 4 hours! But I have a friend's birthday tonight, and I need to go out and have a beer with him.' Cut to three in the morning, five beers and five shots in, eating a pizza. He says his epiphany to get sober and live a healthier life came after an all-night bender in Big Sur, CA, explaining: "It was so stereotypically my own little Kerouac Big Sur weekend and I remember being on the flight home, going, 'You know what? I woke up the next morning and I was like, 'That's it. I have lost the ability to control this.'" "Once you realize that a positive act helps to balance out the negative act of being a writer, you become a more balanced person emotionally. After ditching booze, he began dating and married actress/singer Zooey Deschanel.He's also substituted an addiction to alcohol with an addiction to running.

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The natural world has the power to save me from myself.

He started Death Cab, a solo project that expanded into a quartet, in 1997 while studying engineering at Western Washington University.

After signing with Barsuk and releasing a string of acclaimed albums, the foursome rose to bigger fame around 2003, when the character Seth Cohen on Fox's era-defining teen soap started giving the band weekly props -- Death Cab even appeared in a second-season episode.

It’s a story of the people who make the music, and why it’s important that the long road leads home.

This collection is less about evoking a sense of place as it is about the texture and symmetry I find in the chaos and perfection of nature.

In fact if you discount the bands that have split up and got back together some years later, most recently Boy George’s Culture Club, you are left with very few acts that have survived the test of time.